So, the Tories have been naughty boys again and everyone is shocked – shocked, I tell you – to discover that all that money that people pay to the political parties is actually paid for something, rather than just given for love. Well, its a bit of fun but I doubt it goes anywhere, because no-one is surprised. Labour will posture, but then squirm when their union money comes up. The house of Lords is stuffed with people who bought their way in.

My ‘umble prediction is that the “main” damage will come from an impression of incompetence, and it won’t be much. They are supposed to be sufficiently competent to do this stuff quietly. Its similar – ha, obligatory link to climate stuff – to the Heartland stuff; their main damage from that is going to come from anonymous donors, who won’t trust them to keep their names quiet.


* The U.S. Navy – Navigating Through a Changing Climate – h/t Todd.