Global cooling, again

The Washington Post Continues to Publish George Will’s Climate Change Disinformation at thinkprogress. Just keeping track of these things, you understand. I thought the 70’s-cooling mole had been well whacked, but no.


* Now out in BAMS: The myth of the 1970s global cooling scientific consensus
* Global cooling: Inhofe talking sh*t* again
* Fuckem’s Razor and the solution to the climate question
* etc. etc.

Morgan Griffith is a tosser

Time for some more insult-throwing. And Morgan Griffith is a deserving recipient of just about any insult you might care to throw. As the youtube video is so correctly titled: Climate Zombie Morgan Griffith: Vikings, Mars, And Global Cooling (uploaded by climatebrad, which leads off to the Wonkroom). And indeed, there he is, brain entirely dead, reading out a list of “questions” he has been supplied by some lobbyist, all of which have been answered long ago.

The bit I like is at about 2:00 in, where he says that when he was taught in high school, his text book told him that increasing GHG’s was going to lead to a new ice age. Has he got a ref for this? Is it true? Very dubious. Even if it was true, would it be of the slightest relevance? No.

Just to prove that he is a real idiot, he goes on to talk about global warming on Mars. I only wish our politicians were competent, so I could pour scorn on you colonial types in general for electing such fools.


* The Climate Zombie Caucus Of The 112th Congress
* tossers on site: