See attachment

DSC_4112Good grief. So I try to gmail someone a message, and I happen to say “see attachment” in my text, and when I press “send” up pops a little box “I notice you said see attachemnt, but there isn’t one. Is that alright?” or somesuch.

Well, I thought it was interesting. This is (probably) Mr Asbo.

Coming soon: the thing none of you have noticed about the “key” papers 🙂

Not a good try and definitely no cigar

Spam, just receeived:

We are shutting down some email accounts and your account was automatically chosen to be deleted. If you are still interested in using our email service please fill in the space below for verification purpose by clicking the reply button and fill the form below. Learn more


Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his or her account within Seven days of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

Thank you for using Gmail !

The Gmail Team

Ho ho.