Rowing and running (again)

Bumps is over, so tis the season for off-the-river exercise again. Yes, I know that no-one but me cares about this but it is *my* blog.


30 minute erg, heart rate. Split varying from 1:56 to 2:00 for most of it, down to 1:39 just before the line (yes I know: it means I should have pusehed earlier), distance 7582, so overall split around 1:59. Sadly no speeds on this – the watch got confused since I was wiggling back and forth in place.


Lunchtime run with Ian. 3 laps of Milton Country Park, last lap alone and faster (note it is plotting pace not speed), peak heart rate on the “sprint” coming up the A14 bridge. Total distance 7 km.

As I said before my rowing is “better” than my running. But with practice my running is getting better (plus of course I have Maz’s Shoes of Speed). And it is clear from the graphs above that I’m working far harder in the rowing, so all I now need to do is xfer that into running.