E+E libel: Gavin strikes again

The story so far: “Energy and Environment” threatens to sue RealClimate, and RC tells them they are a bunch of bozos.

But now the Grauniad picks up the story. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen attempts to fight back by asserting that Every paper that is submitted to the journal is vetted by a number of experts but noticeably does *not* use the magic phrase “peer review”. So it looks like E+E are going to concede by default, which leaves their reputation in tatters: as Gavin says:

You would need a new editor, new board of advisors, and a scrupulous adherence to real peer review, perhaps … using an open review process… But this is very unlikely to happen since their entire raison d’être is political, not scientific.

But if you’d rather have a quote from SB-C, how about

being published in E&E is for debate, not evidence of ‘truth’


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