Time to Opine

I haven’t ranted about climate for a bit, so I think I will. Misc stuff follows, mostly commentary.

APS has a nice post on “The nothing that was Climategate” (though he really needs to upgrade his colour scheme; links are hard to see). [Update: or ClimateSight perhaps; or Bart]. APS has some nice referee’s quotes of his own, and links to Joe Romm. I’ll get on to JR in a moment, but first I need to comment on JR’s link to…

[We interrupt this link to bring a minor update; Nature has a completely rubbish editorial on the subject.

But RC has the correct answer. Now to return…]
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Some links

More boring links blogs stuff. But just for once I do actually have something else to say, so I’ll try to clear this out asap.

* Do you need context to understand the CRU emails? Or can they be understood on their own? An analysis. No prizes for guessing the answer. But links to…
* The secret life of bugs which is a fun analysis of how much could you understand bugs from what was recorded about them? Answer, often not much. Mind you, some of the stuff in there is weird – how does The missing link to source code change-sets is one of the most problematic omissions. For the last bug of 70% of our survey respondents, the fix involved committing code to a repository. But 23% of those cases had no link from the bug record to the source make any sense in a sane system?
* Meanwhile, JA puts us all to shame by doing some science: “Assessing the consistency between short-term global temperature trends in observations and climate model projections”. Lots of comments there. Possibly addressing some of JC/KK’s “tribalism” problems.