A mistake with consequences?

There is an interesting new post up at KlimaZweibel about a paper by Smerdon et al.. This is going to be all over everywhere very soon, so I may as well jump in.

The title, of course, is a snark at RC; see the article A Mistake with Repercussions which points out some errors in a Zorita and Von Storch paper (they got their model setup wrong). [I’ve just snarked them in their comments; it will be intersting to see if it stays]

In this case the problem is rather more arcane, but worth explaining, so let me do that first.

[Update: no, let me first point out that there is a response by Rutherford et al. which appears to say that they fixed all these problems ages ago.]

[And second, let me recommend that instead of reading about yet another minor fuss, you read the lovely post about DLR by SoD.]
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