DSCN1494-snow-foot Exciting news just in – its cold in Cambridgeshire. All over the UK I expect, but I haven’t checked. indeed I haven’t checked out all of Cambridgeshire, let alone Cambridge, but never mind I’ll trust the reports. I tried putting my foot onto the snow and I can confirm: yes, it is cold. Not much snow mind: maybe 1 cm when fresh.

DSCN1495-boating Cycling is fun too. I haven’t come off, but then again it is dry-cold mostly in the evening coming back, and in the morning the streets at least are ice-free. Rowing this evening was distinctly chilly. Don’t click on the photo to the left – its rubbish. See the Fort St George glowing cheerfully at us across the dark cold Cam.

DSCN1499 We did three reaches with a piece of about 1 km back on each, enough to warm us up. The away-from-the-city end was dark (oddly enough) and spooky because for some reason the swans were nervous and kept moving around and hugely flapping their wings. Apart from hands cold to the point of numbness it was an excellent outing. This picture is supposed to show the all-important ice-forming-on-the-hull to prove how cold it was. Look closely; I’m sure you’ll see it.

I even had time for a brief walk around at noon:


More snow

Yet more snow. This lot only just settled; moderately thick, but turned to slush later in the day. In particular, the puddle of dirty roadside slush I feel into was cold and wet. But along the footpath it was still beautiful:


This is to prove to Jules that the UK isn’t all bad.

CSR is less enchanting, but even so the symmetry is appealing.


As to ENSO… hmm. Don’t get your hopes up.