Anatomy of IPCC’s Mistake on Himalayan Glaciers and Year 2035

Anatomy of IPCC’s Mistake on Himalayan Glaciers and Year 2035″ is well worth a read. Especially interesting is their taking-apart of the revisions of 10.6.2 – in brief, these mistakes were spotted before tape-out but those revising that section couldn’t be bothered to make any changes (and/or didn’t want to quote some embarassingly good research which would have pointed up the pap elsewhere).

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Himalayan glaciers to disappear by… when?

Reader enragedparrot asks the rather sensible question, which appears to have been somewhat neglected in the vast war of words of 2035, 2350, and quite what is the source for what: if 2035 is badly wrong, what is the right date?

The answer, of course, is that I don’t know. But I may be able to tell you something useful along the way. If you’ve seen a better answer, please point me at it.

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IPCC use of non-peer reviewed material?

This is my first contribution for “Ask Stoat“, and I’m doing it because it is low hanging fruit :-). I was going to do the even lower-hanging “airbourne fraction” but that will come. This is for Brian.
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