I’m sure the risible rubbish in Denial Depot would once upon a time have raised some outrage, or at least the feeling that it might need rebutting. But now it just seems boring (and I’m only writing this as a placeholder for a change in interests). Eli briefly snarks it, and Coby apparently intends to read it. Perhaps Schellnhuber is right.

[Various commenters assure me that it is a spoof. I certainly hope so. But this just proves my own personal point: I really don’t care enough to find out! -W]

10 thoughts on “Bored”

  1. Aw, cummon! It’s a spoof… and has had me chuckling for the past few days! If only all septic sites were this funny!


  2. I have to admit I struggled with Denial Depot. When I read it, I laughed and enjoyed the humor. Then when I read some of the comments and got a little spooked. When I see people not knowing they are being spoofed it makes me wonder if I don’t know that I’m being spoofed.



  3. Various commenters assure me that it is a spoof. I certainly hope so.

    Unfortunately, not all of the comments are spoofs. In fact, figuring out which are and which aren’t isn’t always easy!

    Don’t feel bad, Eli got fooled, too.


  4. Fell into the cabbage patch at the very start. Thought about it for a minute and figured out what was up. At this point am thinking about going back and playing serious. It’s kind of a sensible version of marohasy


  5. Coby apparently intends to read it.

    Do you mean the real one or a spoof version?

    I don’t agree it was not boring. This also illustrates the value of commentators. Stoat without comments would be like a journal without referees.


  6. I cackled when I read it, but managed not to lay an egg.

    Hey, if you’re that bored, think about uses for networked radios, as I mentioned yesterday at James’s.

    Here’s one:

    That merits sequential hat tips; I found it thanks to
    Paul McAuley,
    who found the reference at:
    who pointed to the blog here:

    [I’m still waiting for the bluetooth cox-box. Perhaps I should try to build one -W]


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