Best posts of 2009

Paul puts up his best posts of 2009 and that seems like a good idea. He did 8, so I think I should try for 9. I’ll write it tomorrow; you’ve got till then to do it for me 🙂

No-one did my work for me. And I decided to do a rough pick month-by-month instead.

* Jan Hegel does maths
* Feb “Will” I be able to think of a witty title for this post? (it was a thin month; runner-up)
* Mar Too hot to handle!
* Apr Wandering across the Arctic
* May Meinshausen et al.
* Jun Mays (runners up)
* Jul Communicating Science
* Aug Midsummer madness (well, it was August. And I didn’t win the bet)
* Sep Cassandras of Climate? (but thanks to S for the walk and all for the row)
* Oct Tiljander (stands well back from resulting flame war)
* Nov Those CRU emails in full (another exciting month)
* Dec Hulme

Gosh, I do come across as a sour cynical old man, don’t I? I assure you I’m not like that in real life, I can be quite positive about some things. Though I *am* like that in real conversation.

7 thoughts on “Best posts of 2009”

  1. How can you chose a “best of”? They’re all good (he says, putting on his best Uriah Heep demeanour)!

    Hmm … well, I suppose you could start by mooring the “messing about in boats lot” in some cyber backwater 🙂


  2. Well, June’s runner-up (“Foaming … with Joe Romm”)had some of the best comments, even if it wouldn’t have made my list as one of the best posts per se.

    [I would have used that one for June, except I was sort-of trying to be positive and friendly for the New Year. A doomed attempt, I know -W]


  3. The best posts of 2009 were unquestionably Colin Beavan’s ‘Have you seen my stolen rickshaw?’ and its triumphant sequel ‘My rickshaw returns!’ Beavans’s comic creation No Impact Man is a Pooter for the Noughties and these posts showed Beavan at his best. The surreal banality of the titles, the photo of the long-suffering CarrieMichelle sitting in the back of the blessed thing plotting larceny, the sustained genius of the cloned, stoned, hippy-happy-clappy comments …

    Oh. You mean your blog posts.



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