Tories shaft Blair

More kinjy stuff :-).

Mostly Iraq inquiry publishes legal advice to Blair on war and in particular 30.07.02 Goldsmith advice to Prime Minister re: Iraq.

Hugo regrets that the prevalence of electronic instruments may prevent adequate supplies of piano wire being available. But that is an extreme position.

In case my headline confuses you: yes I think the release is a good idea.

15 thoughts on “Tories shaft Blair”

  1. So in essence, Blair embarked on an illegal war, which we now know that he knew was illegal, but tried to keep the Attorney General’s advice secret and in addition, he expected to keep secret the fact that he was looking to get rich from Iraqi oil.

    So that’s what he meant when he said:

    “…. that people understand that we will not have any truck with anything that is improper in any shape or form at all.”

    So that’s all right then?
    When does his indictment for war crimes start? Or am I being naive?


  2. Well, it’s pretty clear why they were so keen to keep it secret then, isn’t it? Now I really want to know what happened to change his mind…


  3. Americans were shocked when Clinton’s good friend Tony became Bush’s better friend. Blair’s rationale for war was strategic rather than legal, and was more convincing to Americans than anything Bush said.


  4. No doubt the Tory’s Attorney General will produce something similar for the impending replay with Iran. It is clear the the diplomatic approach is again just being followed for form’s sake, and the policy of regime change is already decided.

    Non-existent WMD – check.
    Brutal sanctions – check.
    Regime change planned – check.
    What happens next ignored – check.


  5. No matter who was/is in power in the UK, I’m sure it would have been a contest to see who could go along with the US in war the fastest. Can you imagine the Tories being anti-war and anti-US $ & contracts for QinetiQ etc? Hell I bet if Nick Clegg was sole PM back then he would have been convinced of the necessity by the real idiots behind things (i.e. the generals, military/industrial complex, etc). I think that’s the true lesson of “The Tony Blair Story.”


  6. Carl, you got the name right, including both capitals. That usually only happens if somebody ended up in one or the other part of the fissioning DERA. However, suggesting we went along with it (the war) just to keep one company in business, might be a bit strong.


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