Sunday misc

[2017: an old draft, which I’ll publish now for the pictures.]


Nature weights into CRUhack2.0 with it is hard for anyone except the most committed conspiracy theorist to see much of interest in the content of the released e-mails, even taken out of context. Can’t argue with that.


Back at Arctic methane, abrupt permafrost thaw increases climate threat says IAB Fairbanks, but actually they appear to be talking about releases to 2100 (rather than anything abrupt), which will be (according to surveys of experts) more than the models expect, but less than fossil fuel emissions, and about comparable to deforestation (so about 1/5 fossil fuels, then, if my memory serves me well). Stillnot the “mega-burp” some “hope” for.


Pagani et al. (behind paywall, boo hiss) talk about the Antarctic glaciation 33 Myr ago. Which shows how out of touch I am: when I was last about, people didn’t even agree when it got glaciated.


Lockwood et al. wonders if we’re due a new solar minimum but doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, RP Sr is still seeing black helicopters.

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