Transitional Technical Difficulties?

See here – all the Science Blogs type blogs are transitioning platform. This has been semi-secret or something, who knows, anyway clearly it isn’t quite so secret anymore. I don’t know any deadlines or suchlike, but it can’t possibly make the comment system any worse.


* That value of English law thing again

7 thoughts on “Transitional Technical Difficulties?”

  1. Well, they could use whatever comment platform my local paper the Bozeman Daily Chronicle uses. I check it out if you want to see a truly awful comment system (“Chronicle Comments” tab, since they try to use 3 or sometimes only 2 comment systems).


  2. > Worse yet, the comments to posts between April 18 and whenever the switch finally happens are currently going to be lost forever.

    Ouch, that’s going to make scienceblogs HQ popular.

    [I believe there is some hope that it will be fixed -W]


  3. > did you get last week’s email

    Ya know, it’s time someone reinvented Western Union (ah, there’s a name to make the conspiracy-minded look up in alarm).

    Seriously, we’re expecting the Internet to handle delivering groceries and tuning up our cars, it should have a way to convey important messages as effectively as the old Western Union Telegram. You got one of those, you read it right away.

    [I think the point was he suspected he might have lost my email (but he hadn’t, it was OK really) -W]


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