– Hello, Mr. Amman. We have here for you one persecution pizza with pepperoni!
– You must be mistaken. I am currently toeing the party line, and thus not persecuted.
– Would you like to be persecuted by us? We have Team Member discount. 10 for the price of 1.
– No, thanks.
– Are you sure?
– Yes.
– So, what do we do with this persecution pizza?
– Take it to Michael Mann.
– Where does he live?
– In Hollywood.
– Where exactly?
– Ask Roger Pielke.
– Which one?
– Whatever. Can I go back to the game now? Lewandowski just scored.

(thanks to Neven).


* Sunny Afternoon

9 thoughts on “Incestuous”

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    (will this be posted on scienceblogs? No other comment I write seems to be, which, considering the kooks you guys tolerate before finally banning, is a bit insulting)


  2. Congrats, derek, you’ve arrived. As for the snarky inside baseball, you have on the order of 10 years of history to catch up on to grok all the nuances.


  3. Thanks, and sorry for being grumpy. Now if only my more painfully-composed and sincere contributions would stop disappearing into the aether.

    [Dunno what you mean by that. You have no other contributions pending. You can try giving me some keywords if you think otherwise -W]


  4. I agree with Derek. The inside stuff starts looking like a game of Mornington Crescent.

    [You mean you thought it wasn’t? -W]


  5. > no other contributions pending.

    Ah, now you deny that you control the content of both Wikipedia _and_ ScienceBlogs? I’m sure Lewandowski has heard otherwise …


  6. William: no, no, not you. I mean other parts of the scienceblogs constellation. And those comments of mine almost certainly aren’t in anyone else’s queue either; I accept that for some reason they disappeared into the aether, and the blog-runners aren’t moderating me while simultaneously publishing the comments of people they themselves consider banworthy.

    I do still suspect that my woes are down to the reliability of the scienceblogs comment technology.


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