Happy Christmas

I was going to do something for a Christmas post, but find I can’t do much better than this image (which is via TPP via BA) and (lightly edited) TPP’s words:

Think about how many stars are in such a galaxy. Then think about all those other little lights in the background that are also galaxies, and just in this one little bit of space. Some intellect out there is probably pointing their see-far thingy at the Milky Way, and saying, let me write a blog about how amazing this is.

There’s probably a moral in that, somewhere. Maybe more than one.

10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas”

  1. In the vastness of all that is there, how fortunate we are to be here. Merry Christmas to all. And thank you, William, for the wonderful mental stimulation you provide to your grateful readers.


  2. It makes one reflect on how wonderful blog comments will become once climate deniers in the Oort cloud have superluminal access to the Daily Telegraph.


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