Lents: Jesus on Christ's

Alas. But it was a good week. this, for my own records, and possibly for you interest if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.


Men: Caius serene, Downing troubled a little by Pembroke charging at them, but not past the Plough. Christ’s up one, Kings spoons.
Women: Jesus up two (Emma, Christ’s) to head; Downing had their chance on Saturday but weren’t up to it; indeed, they crabbed at the Plough and were nearly caught by Christ’s, who alas were caught be Newnham – who I quite like – instead.

Here’s a pic from Wednesday and – breaking the habit of a lifetime – I’ve embedded if from fb rather than just nicking it. Pembroke are about to catch the unlucky Queens’, and will get Jesus on Thursday.

And then my videos:


* Women, Saturday
* Women, Friday
* Women, Thursday
* Women, Wednesday continued


* Men, Saturday
* Men, Friday
* Men, Thursday
* Men, Wednesday

Video quality is only 480 pixel on Saturday, due to Technical Issues.

5 thoughts on “Lents: Jesus on Christ's”

  1. Phil writes:”Not only quantitative but also qualitative growth has limits.”

    I;m not sure how one could ever say that qualitative growth has limits. Is it prettier? Cooler color scheme? Better shaped? One can easily imagine a ‘rock,paper,scissors’ scenario where what is perceived as ‘quality’ continually increases without even ever really changing.

    Writ larger, the best book ever has already been written? The best movie of all time has already been made? Quality in these cases, more important the consumer perception of quality, is an ever changing feature and claiming a limit on it makes little sense unless one believes in a literal infinite number of choices are available to the consumer.


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