Happy birthday to the GWPF "inquiry"

Moyhu wins the prize for actually bothering to track the GWPF and its waste-of-time “inquiry”. That’s about all there is to say, really. I could take the piss out of them a bit more I suppose but it hardly seems worth the effort. Terence Kealey (chairman) (now deadlink; see the archive instead) ends up looking like an idiot, which in GW terms he probably is; rapidly heading Emeritus I’d guess.

I must remember to add it to WATN in 2016; speaking of which, has anyone seen any life out of AW’s poor stillborn paper?

NS must be an elephant: he can also remember the OAS.


* Moyhu: apparently RP Sr may be writing the report.
* Twitter maps via Sou.
* Cooling America – Tamino.

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday to the GWPF "inquiry"”

  1. WMC: “Since all of this was a PR stunt to get their words into the Torygraph, I wonder if the right answer is to write to the Graun and Indy to see if they feel like writing a “Torygraph falls for GWPF fakery” type article? -W”

    Now after the anniversary would be a good time. Could make a nice story together with the worries of the House of Lords about the editorial dependence of The Times on the GW Policy Foundation.


  2. Considering that AW must have massively cherry-picked his 400 stations, he may well be in peer-review purgatory. And considering that he won’t even tell us which stations he’s using until after publication, we may never know how big a steaming heap this thing really is. Or was.


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