Tol vs Curry

lasso KK reports on the Tol vs Curry fight. Tol is complaining that Curry is doing her usual: posting about septic junk and then saying “oh but I’m just asking”. Tol may have long hair but, unlike Curry, he isn’t a bozo, or irresponsible (he did call me rude things in an email once, but I forgive him).

[Update: incidentally, there is an interesting exchange between KK and RP Jr (!) in the comments:

KK> Do you assign lousy, error-riddled textbooks for your class to read?
RP> Yes, absolutely. The Skeptical Environmentalist was a core reading…

It is interesting only because that was a silly question from KK, and a failure-to-think response from RP (or rather, a point-scoring response). The point is, within a managed class structure with someone guiding the discussion, it is fine to discuss flawed texts, for the reason given: it encourages critical thinking. That wasn’t what Curry was doing. There was no guidance at the start, nor does she guide the subsequence discussion.

Also, Gavin’s point]

[Updated again: this turned in the comments into McShane and Wyner and the “Lasso” method. So I’ve added a pic of Lasso being a bit crap, from Gavin et al.’s reply.]


* Question of the Week; from which “There’s no scientific evidence”
* Bart’s view

Richard Tol is being oppressed!

Poor Richard Tol. He has been invited (nominated by the Oirish Gummit, apparently) to be a convening author, though only for WG II.

But all he can do is whinge that “Political interference in the IPCC continues” because they won’t provide him a blank cheque for his travel costs. Diddums. I’m sure you can all see the interference inherent in the system. Still, at least he is better than RP Jr, who refuses (for some reason he does not trouble to explain) to take part. So he can be outside the tent pissing in, would be my guess. Or he might be jealous of Tol getting *convening* lead author, perhaps [update: scuttlebutt confirms this interpretation].

OTOH, this one on fossil fuel subsidies is worth reading.