Did you miss me – yeah – while I was away?

I’ve been on holiday in the Stubai. It was great. My apologies for the few comments that got stuck in moderation over the past two weeks, they are all released now. If you think there’s anything else do let me know.


Be reassured that I will bore you with more mountaineering photos in the near future. In the meantime a teaser: which peak is this?

4 thoughts on “Did you miss me – yeah – while I was away?”

  1. I’m still in trippy fashion processing the fact that I’m so blown away at how consistently intensely aesthetically delightful your Instagram account is. Wow. It’s way too long, since you haven’t curated your own output, but it reminds me of my Leica film camera days where I would take enough time to micro-adjust my framing in the viewfinder and buy lots of film to let me play around a lot. How do you explain your professional sense of dramatic impact and composition? One of my favorites is:


    Do you really believe in climate doomsday? That might explain your deep existential indulgence in capturing elegant beauty.

    [I keep telling the JoNova-ites that CAGW is a strawman they’ve invented. As to what I believe: its written down: https://wmconnolley.wordpress.com/2010/07/04/what-i-think-about-global-warm/ -W]


  2. Look, uh, that page you linked to, it’s not nonsense, but it’s overly crowded sort of stream of consciousness personal, but in it I see sea level rise (tide gauges = song remains the same over 150 years) and hurricanes (at a record low),

    [Not sure what you’re trying to say there. I thought that “Hurricanes became very sexy in the aftermath to Katrina (don’t fail to follow the link to the RC view) but on this issue I’m largely with Roger Pielke Jr (RP Jr) on this – almost all of the increase in damage from hurricanes over the last ~50 years is due to societal changes, not climate changes” was clear enough -W]

    so like what, am I supposed to draw some intellectual sword here and smack you down? Sorry. I’ve bookmarked the rest of your images, but it looks like your recent vacation is the real highlight. Thanks so much for presenting such a old master painter’s outlook on reality. Many of your images, I will remember forever, dreams included.


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