Help help I’m being repressed

10433202_10152850667551605_3472694221903309925_n So there I was happily making cow pies in a muddy field when some Arthur King comes along and I’m reminded once again of the violence inherent in the system.

[Update: and part 2, 2015/02.]

Which I think is about how seriously you should take Watt’s attempt to Godwin himself with the assistance of Ball. VVatts has a go, though. I’m with Sou re Betts etc.

Meanwhile, Bob Tisdale is a sock. He does assert directly its his real name; but I don’t trust him1.

The cartoon – with its implications of false balance – isn’t really appropriate; but I liked it anyway.

1 – I still don’t trust him, but his US copyright claim for Who Turned on the Heat? The Unsuspected Global Warming Culprit–El Nino appears to identify by (presumably) true name and address.



* UKIP warns of Schrödinger’s immigrant who ‘lazes around on benefits whilst simultaneously stealing your job’
* Court Filing: Tim Ball Not an “Authority on Global Warming” from QS.
* Eli has suggested a better image.

18 thoughts on “Help help I’m being repressed”

  1. I didn’t even get the chance to read what you wrote 🙂

    [I forget exactly what, but it involved calling AW, TB and BT utter fucking wackos. I think that, under the circumstances (two pints of Dionysus) it made perfect sense. And still does now I’m sober. Come down for a pint one day, as a respected academic I’m sure you visit the fens on accasion -W]


  2. I see you have in your own comment policy “Obviously rude words are out” which presumably includes calling someone an “utter fucking whacko”. But I guess the screenshot means you knew the comment would be removed in which case it was clever of you to wait until I’d gone to bed 🙂

    What acronym? Where?


  3. > [Come down for a pint one day, as a respected academic I’m sure you visit the fens on accasion]

    It turns out that even if you’re not a respected academic, you get to visit the fens 🙂 . I’ll make sure to get in touch next time I’m down.

    [You can wear a paper bag over your head, or a mask, if you like 🙂 -W]


  4. Show some respect W.

    Here is “a climate scientist that has been at the top of his field since the 1970’s” who agrees with everything Dr Tim Ball says.

    Can skip to 48sec (but it is a great intro)


  5. I see Richard Betts complained about a commenter “jolly farmer” calling Tamsin a prostitute several times, and got the reply:

    [Reply: this is one of the few climate sites that does not censor comments. If you would like censorship to begin after 8 years, please give your rationale. ~ mod.]

    Nice to know that nobody gets censored there even if they clearly breach several of the blog policies.

    [WUWT are certainly lying about this, as about other things. They’ve definitely censored me (in both senses, since they sometimes hide behind meanings: they have both prevented me from commenting entirely, which is either censorship or banning, and they’ve also prevented some comments appearing whilst allowing others, which is censorship in any terms -W]


  6. Steve, would be good to note that this was a comment at Bishop Hill. Also note that the claim that BH does not censor comments may hold true…but he does ban people (ask BBD).


  7. Anders says Montford has censored him.
    Yes, I can’t quite bring myself to go back through all the BH threads to find where it happened, but if IIRC he deleted a comment because I apparently mis-represented him. I think I may have pointed out that it might be better to explain why, than to delete my comment.

    [Its more likely BH is pushing porkies; “mis-represented him” is denialist-speak for “saw through my lies”; that was certainly true in the case where he censored my comments, as you may verify for yourself -W]


  8. Aaaaaand…an apology to BH, as it was indeed at WUWT that Jolly Farmer made the comment and where the claim about no-censoring was made. Which we definitely 100% know is false.

    So, I retract #14.


  9. I have had the experience of having comments being held for moderation at Curry’s blog. I only comment on the legal / regulatory issues, something I know about. Considering the comments that get through there, I am a bit surprised.


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